Our Vision

Our group’s vision is to be a strong network of young trans people nationwide. We want to train the next community leaders and activists, to empower young trans people to shape their future and have their voices heard. We want to support our young trans people to live full lives and to grow in confidence and wellbeing.

We aim to become a stable and well-established charitable organisation with hopes to have stronger governance in place to allow for smoother handover processes in the future.

We are aiming to get to a place where we are holding regional monthly events for our members throughout the country in order to become less Dublin based. This would help us create a more cohesive group of trans people who could provide support and guidance across the country.

Our Mission 

We bring together young trans people across the island of Ireland. We work towards being able to provide support for every young trans person after they finish in youth services and second level education as well as creating a network of trans people in University’s & IT’s throughout Ireland. We were founded in 2013 following an LGBT student training event called Pink Training. Pink Training is one of the largest LGBT+ training events in Europe. During Pink Training, those who identified as trans or questioning were invited to have a closed space to share their experiences and stories. In that space many trans students’ spoke about how isolated they felt in their universities and the kinship they felt among other trans students.

Many students also faced discrimination from their peers and the faculty of their university. These students found strategizing solutions with other trans people was an effective way to prevent future issues. This event catalysed our groups creation. Although we began as a student organisation we opened up our membership to all young people and mature students as we took into account intersectional issues and reaching a wider demographic.


Our Work 

  • We try to have group meetings each month
  • Trans Training 2016, a five night residential for 50 Trans young people was one of the first events of its kind in Ireland.

  • Trans Training 2018 will be a 5 night residential event that will bring together our members islandwide.


  • We are active in our online Facebook group with over 150 members. 
  • We give a limited number of trainings in colleges and universities each year to students on trans issues